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Veneziana Suites & SPA, Koper - ДворOnline Booking
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Koper (Побережье)
20300 m

Completely renovated Venetian Gothic house from the 14th century in its beautiful ambience with a touch of Venetian combines cultural, wellness and overnight…

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Дом Portorož 17713, Portorož - Portorose - ОбъектOnline Booking
Portorož - Portorose (Побережье)

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Апартаменты Portorož - Portorose 15718, Portorož - Portorose - ДворOnline Booking
Portorož - Portorose (Побережье)
13500 m

Apartments Portorose 15718 are only approx. 6 minutes of walking away from the beach. Apartments offer a scenic view of the city and the ocean.

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